Tattoo Removal Near Me

tattoo removal near me
tattoo removal near me

In this article, we will show you centers for tattoo removal near you and the best places to remove your tattoo. But before that, we should talk first about the necessary information that you should know before removing a tattoo.

Frequent Doubts About The Treatment:

Some of the factors that influence the number of sessions needed for tattoo removal are:

Color Of Tattoo:

Pigment of black and dark blue color:

They are those that better respond to the laser, and for that reason, those that fewer sessions need for their elimination. The difficulty of this color lies in its high density, as in the case of tribal tattoos.

Color pigment light blue, green, yellow and mixed tones:

The absorption peak of these colors and their composition are variable and is mainly conditioned by the amount of titanium oxide or zinc, which are the pigments most difficult to remove.

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Pigment of red color:

This color respond well to the laser although with some sessions more than the black ones.

Type Of Tattoo:

Professional tattoo:

It requires a higher number of sessions, from 8 to 15, due to the high permanence of the pigments used and the higher density and depth.(Tattoo Removal Near Me)

Amateur tattoo:

This type of tattoos are made with more unstable inks, so the amount of pigment is less and is usually more superficial. It requires an average of 8 sessions for its elimination although there are times that are deep and will need the same number of sessions as a professional tattoo.

Body Localization:

The areas in which the skin is thinner are those that require fewer sessions (head, neck, feminine neckline, wrist).

In areas such as legs, arms and back, the tattoo ink is deeper and the skin is thicker, so they require a greater number of sessions.

Skin Color:

In light skins, the laser responds best and in which the results are noticed with fewer sessions, in the darker skins more sessions will be needed to remove tattoos.(Tattoo Removal Near Me)

How The Treatment Is Carried Out?

The treatment is carried out with the Q-Switch laser that combines the wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm, which eliminates the vast majority of pigments.

The laser parameters are adjusted and the tattoo begins to shoot. The laser acts by fragmenting the pigment particles into particles of a much smaller size that allow our organism to reabsorb them and eliminate them later through lymphatic drainage.

Once the session is over, which is fast, the laser emitting at 5Hz (i.e., five impacts per second), antibiotic ointment is applied and the treated area is covered with an occlusive cure. The cures must be done daily until the skin recovers from the session.

In the course of 4 to 6 weeks, metabolism will eliminate the pigment microparticles. They should not spend more than 8 weeks between sessions, as there are studies that show that the process of tattoo removal slows down.

The Q-Switch laser is very versatile and produces excellent results in the treatment of tattoos. The complications are minimal.

Recommendations Before The Session:

Do not sunbathe or do UVA sessions 10 days before treatment.


Immediately after treatment, there will be redness and swelling of the treated area.

It may have a stinging or burning sensation after treatment. Usually, this sensation subsides a few hours after treatment.

– Apply cold; it will help reduce discomfort and reduce swelling and redness.

– Avoid rubbing or scratching the area that has been treated.

– Apply the treatment cream every 8 hours, from 5 to 7 days.

– Apply a regenerating cream 2 times a day until the healing is complete.

– Try to avoid baths, very hot showers, saunas and hot environments during these days after your treatment.

– Use a neutral soap to wash the treated area. Do not rub or use rough sponges on these areas. Dry with a clean towel by gently pressing on the area and without dragging immediately after washing.

Frequently asked questions about tattoo removal:

Will the tattoo be completely erased?

The new INK HUNTER MASTER Laser is designed to remove Tattoos, eliminating them in most cases completely, it will depend on several factors (the type of ink used, the skin type of each person, etc).

How many sessions will I need to erase my Tattoo completely?

It is not possible to specify exactly the number of weeks or sessions that are needed; it will depend on several factors, such as the ink which the Tattoo was made from.

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Is it painful?

Depending on the area and the sensitivity of each person, it can be more or less annoying. To prevent this possible discomfort, an anesthetic cream may be applied 2 hours before the session.

Can I make a new TATTOO in the place where I got the laser?

Yes, it is usual for clients to use the laser to lower the intensity of the tattoo they have to be able to perform a new tattoo on top.

How does this type of laser work?

The energy of the laser is focused on the points of the skin where there is ink and after having chosen a power and suitable filters are projected on the skin. The pigments absorb energy and explode breaking the capsule where they are housed. The remains of pigments that have become free again in the body will be eliminated by the lymphatic system.

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Will it leave signals? Burning?

This type of laser is an acoustic and non-thermal photo. The basic principle is based on the Ink Hunter cosmetic laser, emits a beam of light at high speed (5-8 nanoseconds), so there is no time for the skin absorb enough energy to

burn. For example, it is as if we passed the flame of a lighter under the hand quickly, in case of doing it more slowly we would burn ourselves.

Tattoo Removal Near Me:

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Tattoo Removal Near Me